Contractor Review

CLM Group offers a Contractor Review service that provides additional levels of risk assessment by reviewing the General Contractor for Character, Capacity, and Completion. Our Contractor Review report includes the following:

A search, review, and evaluation of the General Contractor’s license and online profile as well as trade and supplier references.

A review of past and current projects to evaluate experience and breadth of work.

A check of references to evaluate past performance and completion history.

As part of this service, CLM Group requires that Lenders provide the following:

  • Copy of the GC’s state license
  • List of references including major trade suppliers
  • List of contractor’s past and current projects including
    • project value
    • project owner references and contact information
    • project start and completion dates


Over twenty years later our software is now the culmination of working with over 1000 General Contractors over thousands of construction projects.

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