CLM Group Inc

CLM Group is comprised of talented and dedicated professionals with a wide range of experience in finance, construction, and real estate development. Our team takes pride in building strong relationships with every client, whether working with the lender, borrower, or general contractor. One of our primary goals is to provide outstanding customer service and be viewed as an integral partner of the construction lending team.

Luigi Delucchi, CEO

Luigi is distinguished for his energy and passion for meeting client and project demands. During his 18 years leading CLM Group his expertise and knowledge of construction loan monitoring and construction loan risk mitigation has driven hundreds of construction projects to successful, profitable and compliant completion. In addition to his analytical approach and thorough understanding of construction lending requirements Luigi’s communication and negotiation skills facilitate resolution to issues that lead to a ‘win-win-win’ for lender, borrower and contractor.

Our Team

Andy Alkire
Site Inspector

As a Site Inspector, Andy provides site inspections and reports that are the result of his critical eye, strong business acumen and analytical thinking. Andy has an extremely professional demeanor and the ability to communicate effectively no matter the potential stress inherent in a situation.

Diane Delucchi

As part owner of CLM Group, Diane supports a broad range of aspects of the company’s operations. She provides assistance in client relationship management, finance, operations, and HR.

Jon Eldridge
Site Inspector

Jon comes to us with property management experience as well as hands-on work with tenant improvement and maintenance for industrial facilities. His hallmark is outstanding follow through, an eye for and attention to detail and his professional demeanor and communication style.

Greg Grace
Senior Estimator/Site Inspector

Greg has a background in Construction Management and Business Administration providing inspection and estimating services here at CLM Group. His experience in quality control, cost control and construction project management provide a breath of knowledge for our clients.

Andrea Hand
Project Data Manager

Andrea has been with CLM Group for 12 years where she has participated in all aspects of the business. Currently, she works with Lenders, Borrowers and General Contractors to complete the initiation of new projects. She monitors the lifecycle of the project data through project closeout. Clients and customers alike recognize Andrea for her patience and ability to identify issues and generate solutions.

Keyonna Murry

Keyonna brings a strong account management and office management background that include a unique attention to detail. She has extensive experience in managing multiple projects and levels of service and shines in her ability to work under pressure. She is thorough and methodic and makes sure to provide a high level of communication to keep key players in the loop. Keyonna brings a wonderful ‘can-do’ approach to her work and adds great positive energy to the work.

Norberto Nunes
Senior Estimator/Site Inspector

Having grown up in the construction business, Norberto brings to CLM Group a deep understanding of the construction process. His experience spans from hands-on artisan work to complete supervision and project management. He is a highly incisive estimator and critically observant inspector whose professional demeanor adds value to the project as a whole.

Gail Fry

Gail brings to CLM Group a skill set based on 20 years of mortgage lending experience. She has long time success in loan origination, underwriting and processing. Having worked with both national and community lenders she has a breadth of experience that allows her to quickly grasp project parameters and budgets. Her professionalism and friendly personality compliment the level of care she puts into her work. Everyday Gail brings a beautiful smile and a graceful demeanor to the workplace.

Lissette Uyehara

Lissette brings years of solid administration expertise to CLM Group. She has experience in scheduling, billing and client relations and had contributed to the development of process driven practices. Her skill set and diligence make her a perfect fit for her role in maintaining data integrity and system utilities. Her positive, energetic approach to each day is a great contribution to CLM Group.

Marla Victorio

Marla has 25 years’ experience in Construction Loan Administration and Residential Lending. Most recently, as Assistant Vice President at a national lender she monitored the updates of an extensive portfolio of multifamily, land and mixed-use project including extensions, modifications and payoffs. She brings with her a solid understanding of construction loan structure, funds flow, economics and servicing. Marla has expert skills in ensuring correct execution of loan disbursement requirements. Marla’s solid experience is balanced by the ability to work with participants at all levels with humor and professionalism.

Jon Woffinden

Jon’s past professional experience allow him to bring a high level of integrity and professionalism to his work as an inspector. Always providing a high level of communication and willing to take the time to understand, Jon is successful in working with all participants; lenders, owners and general contractors. His analytical approach to reviewing documentation and writing reports helps to provide a high quality product. Jon’s sense of humor is a gift that adds vitality to any encounter.

Carl Wood

Carl’s long history with CLM Group makes him an invaluable asset to the organization. His technical skills are the key to our successful use of technology which has allowed us to scale up. His pure, hands-on experience and keen understanding of the construction industry and the construction loan requirements position him as an expert resource for both staff and clients. Most of all, Carl brings a perspective and communication style that produces results.

“The Bank is at greatest risk between Demolition and Notice of Completion. Our services at CLM mitigate that risk and provide analysis and oversight to complete the project on budget and lien free.”

— Luigi Delucchi, CEO and Co-founder of CLM Group