Portfolio Asset Management

CLM Group provides specialized services that strengthen the marketability of the assets in the lender’s real estate portfolio. As a third party, and on behalf of the lender, we provide construction review expertise, conduct audits and due diligence and assist in resolution or remedy of challenges that may arise where professional construction experience is required.

▣ Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Inspections
CRE inspection includes:

  • Site inspection
  • Inspection Report to Lender including:
  • General condition of the property
  • Maintenance evaluation
  • General occupancy evaluation
  • Photographs and qualitative evaluation of CRE property and surrounding properties and area
  • Fees are calculated on a per inspection basis

    ▣ Compliance Review to Prepare for Lender’s Audit
    In support of audit preparation we will:

  • Audit the lenders disbursement file verifying that all required lien releases and invoices have been properly documented and retained
  • This type of audit can be done in the CLM offices with the use of a digital set of files or can be performed at the lenders place of business

    ▣ Documentation of Funds Disbursement
    After a Lender has disbursed an SBA 504 loan we will create (in arrears) a fully compliant disbursement file including:

  • Collection of required invoices and lien releases
  • Establishment of a standard AIA formatted draw schedule

    ▣ Resolution and Remedy of Project Challenges

  • Estimates of cost-to-complete projects that may have stalled
  • Budget reconciliation and recommendation for mid-construction issues
  • Dispute resolution between various parties involved in a construction project
  • Working on behalf of the lender in the effort to manage completion of a project where the borrower failed to complete their obligations